Two Nailish trainers become Nail Pro trainers

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Competitions in the nail industry, a good way to progress.

The nail industry is an ever-changing field and participating in competitions is an essential way for professionals to gain visibility and advance their careers. Nail competitions provide an opportunity for professionals to show their skills, creativity and mastery in designing and creating unique and elegant nails.

Participating in nail competitions can be a rewarding experience for professionals in the sector. This allows them to meet other nail professionals, exchange ideas and discover new techniques and trends. Nail competitions are also opportunities for professionals to receive feedback on their work and develop accordingly.

Nail competitions are also a way to differentiate yourself from other professionals in the sector. Competitions allow professionals to show their creativity and talent, and to get noticed by potential clients who are looking for a competent and innovative professional. By participating in competitions, nail professionals can make themselves known in their region and even nationally or internationally.

A training led by Carolina Ababei

Raluca Bujita and Mihaela Pietreanu, both trainers for the Nailish brand, recently participated in a training to become trainers for the Nail Pro competition, held in Constanta, Romania. The training was led by Carolina Ababei, an experienced nail beauty trainer and also the organizer of the Nail Pro competition in Romania. Viktoria Klopotiva, the organizer of the Nail Pro competition in Europe, was also present to share her expertise on the requirements and expectations of the competition.

What exactely is Nail Pro? 

Let's travel back to the origins of the championships, which began in 1971, resulting in the creation of the world's largest competitive empire. It all started in California, the most recognizable region in the world, at the center of the American corporation Creative Age Publication, founded by Deborah Carver.

Creative Age comprises a group of cosmetics professionals publishing various magazines, including NAILPRO, Beauty Launchpad, The Colorist, Beauty Store Business, DAYSPA, Medesthetics, MAN, and Eye Lash. With over 2.5 million active and dedicated professionals in their fields, Creative Age supports all segments of the professional cosmetics market, from nail styling rooms to cosmetics, hairdressers, day spas, medical spas, spa hotels, health centers, classic and permanent cosmetics studios, eyelashes, schools, and points of sale for professionals and distributors for manufacturers. In 1990, Deborah identified Creative Age as the leading source of knowledge for the professional cosmetics industry.

Over the years, Creative Age has won many awards, including 22 Maggies and ABBY, 3 Ozzies, 10 Certificate of Excellence, and the Intercoiffure Press award. Deborah is also the winner of the prestigious 2018 City of Hope's Laureate title.

From the start, NAILPRO had the most powerful force, focusing on professionalism and uniqueness while maintaining the highest standards. The project has gained worldwide recognition in more than 100 countries, which was appreciated by the icon of the nail industry, Tom Holcomb.

NAILPRO GLOBAL, NAIL COMPETITIONS is an American dream, which since 2014 has been among the numbers for stylists from Europe. Victoria Klopotova (Ukraine), an international champion in nail modeling, a respected author of industry publications, a student, and friend of Tom Holcomb, and now a Creative Age partner, is developing Nailpro in Europe.

NAILPRO is a one-of-a-kind project that offers all masters keen on creative solutions for nail extension and design incredible competitions that constantly develop innovative, revolutionary market ideas that encourage nail stylists to cross their own strengths and boundaries of comfort and achieve a completely new level of creative and artistic development.

Why is this training important ?

The trainer class has been designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to become competent trainers for Nail Pro competition. Raluca Bujita and Mihaela Pietreanu followed an intensive program covering the different categories of the competition, as well as how to judge the competitors. By participating in this training, Raluca Bujita and Mihaela Pietreanu gained valuable experience as trainers for the Nailish brand and are now better equipped to help future competitors reach their full potential. They are eager to share their expertise and experience with their nail beauty community and help prepare competitors for the Nail Pro competition.

The importance of training in the nail domain.

In the field of nails, training is of paramount importance for many reasons:

  1. Nail industry is a constantly evolving field. Techniques, trends and products are changing rapidly. To remain competitive and offer quality services, it is important to train regularly.
  2. Continuous training keeps you up to date on the latest trends and the most advanced techniques. It also allows you to discover new products and new working methods. By training regularly, nail professionals can offer superior services to their clients.
  3. Finally, continuing education is important for career development. Professionals who train regularly are more likely to grow in their careers and become experts in their field.
  4. Continuing education is essential in the nail industry as it makes it possible to remain competitive, to offer quality services, to guarantee the safety of customers and to develop one's career. Nail professionals must therefore take the time to train regularly to stay at the forefront of their profession.

Who is Raluca Bujita?

Raluca is a passionate and dedicated trainer, who created her own training center to share her know-how with other nail technicians. It makes it a point of honor to transmit the latest trends and techniques on the market, as well as the health and safety standards to be respected to guarantee the satisfaction and safety of its customers.

Her solid career has been created over the years, being the fruit of numerous training courses with trainers such as: Tanya Povenskaya, Tatiana Litvinov, Anita Pascari, Denisa Bereski, Carmina Suciu, Ioana Cristescu, Krista Paulitti, Ksenia Kupina.

She has always known that you have to participate to win, and you have to give of your time, your energy and your money to succeed in your career. This attitude and this vision have allowed him to win numerous prizes:

  • * Top 10 Nailpro România categoria My own 2019
  • * Golden brush XVI 2020 locul 1
  • * Brilliant cup 2021 - locul 1 Master colage
  • * Brilliant cup 2022 - locul 1 Master Trainer extreme nails
  • * Jurat the WINTER KINGDOM online competition
  • * Trainer in cadrul Nail Campus Online 2022

His training is highly appreciated by nail professionals in Romania. Trainees leave with a solid theoretical and practical training, as well as with the confidence to excel in their profession. She is a source of inspiration for many young women who want to get into the nail industry, and a success story for anyone who wants to improve in this field.

Raluca Bujita is an outstanding trainer in the field of nails, who knew how to transform her passion into a real professional success. Her exemplary career and her commitment to the quality of her work make her an essential reference in the world of nails in Romania and beyond.

To go even further in her career, Raluca decided to accept the proposal to become a trainer for the Nail Pro competition. She therefore followed the training to become a Nail Pro trainer, under the supervising of Viktoria Klopotova and Carolina Ababei.

Who is Mihaela Pietreanu?

Mihaela Pietreanu is a very known trainer in the nail industry. Her career started in Japan, where she learned the most advanced manicure techniques. She then decided to pass on her know-how by becoming a nail trainer. She started teaching in Romania, her country of origin, where she founded a training center. Since then, hundreds of students have been trained by Mihaela, who is recognized for her pedagogy and her passion for her job.

Mihaela's technique is based on the use of superior quality products and great precision in carrying out the different stages of the manicure.

The training courses offered by Mihaela are very comprehensive and are aimed at both beginners and professionals already in activity. They include theoretical courses on the anatomy of the nail and the skin, as well as practical demonstrations of different manicure and pedicure techniques.

In addition to her professional experience, Mihaela Pietreanu has taken numerous courses to improve her skills in her field. She took 100 technical courses with the JNA (Japan Nail Association), which allowed her to obtain 3 diplomas issued by the Japanese State. She also took lessons with renowned trainers such as Denisa Bereski, Cristina Albu and Ksenia Kupina.

Mihaela has also taken 5 nail art classes with experts such as Aneta Timbur Jechiu, Veronica Moraru and Ksenia Kupina. She thus acquired a water-based painting technique (Watercolor) which she now teaches to her students.

As a trainer, Mihaela is also very attentive to the continuing education of her students. It regularly offers workshops and training to enable them to improve their skills and discover new techniques. Thanks to this continuous training and her professional experience, Mihaela Pietreanu is now recognized as one of the best nail trainers in Europe. She continues to teach with passion and rigor, and to pass on her know-how to new beauty professionals.

Today she wants to go further in her evolution, by becoming a trainer for the famous Nail Pro competition. She wants to put her knowledge at the disposal of technicians who have understood that to evolve you have to dare, and that participation in competitions is part of the path to success.

Continuous training, the key to development.

Nailish is proud to support Raluca Bujita and Mihaela Pietreanu in their training and continuous development process. We are confident that Raluca Bujita and Mihaela Pietreanu will be competent trainers for the Nail Pro contest and we look forward to seeing the results of their work as trainers. We are convinced that they will help future competitors reach their full potential thanks to their expertise and experience.

The Nailish brand will continue to support Raluca Bujita and Mihaela Pietreanu in their training and continuous development process to enable them to always be at the forefront of the latest trends and techniques in the field of nail beauty. We are confident that Raluca Bujita and Mihaela Pietreanu will continue to make significant contributions to the nail beauty community and to the Nailish brand.


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